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Dr Mary Cole

Dr Mary Cole

Agpath Pty Ltd & The University of Melbourne Australia

Dr.Yolander R Youngblood

Dr.Yolander R Youngblood

Prairie View A & M University USA

Dr. Hagai Cohen

Dr. Hagai Cohen

Institute of Plant Science(ARO) Israel

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Plant Biology 2022

About conference

The Annual Congress on Plant Biology and Agriculture Sciences (Plant Biology 2022) will be held by Conference Series on  April 04-05, 2022 Melbourne, Australia. This Plant Science Conference is based on the theme “Evaluating Plant Science Innovations for A Sustainable Green Future”. The Plant Biology Meeting are honored to host high-profile Keynote Speakers from around the world as well as many concurrent oral and poster presentations, Young Researchers Forum, Delegates to discuss and share on key plant science research, related to diverse sessions.

The Plant Biology Congress is focused on sessions covering topics such as Plant Genomics, Plant Morphology, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Biosynthesis, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Taxonomy, Plant Pathology, Crop production, Agricultural Systems and Management, Smart Farming: From Sensor to Artificial Intelligence, Agricultural Economics, Policies and Rural Management, Agricultural Water Management, Agricultural Product Quality and Safety, Seed Science and Technology, Agricultural Soils to understand adaptation and crop environment, Plant Signaling and plant-microbe interactions. There are also sessions on plant epigenetics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics.

The Plant Science Conference participants will learn about conventional large-scale farming, organic agriculture, new sustainable production practices, greenhouse management, plant disease, agricultural production, pest control issues and practices, and plant systems that arise in the different agricultural landscapes by attending our meeting. This Plant Biology Conferences will help also participants in learning about medicinal plants, field crops, fruits and vegetables, recreational and ornamental plants.

Plant Biology 2022 is one of the Plant Science meeting which will be visited by all the plant science scientists, professors, researchers, botanists, agronomists, academicians to exchange the novel ideas and innovations from all over the world. This Plant Science Congress will help professionals to learn the latest advances in the rapidly evolving field of Plant Biology & Agricultural Sciences, plant molecular genetics, plant metabolism, plant development, plant environmental physiology, and plants/microbe interaction.

This Plant Science Conference gathers the Plant Science researchers, Botanists,Agricultural Scientists, Agricultural researchers and students  to present; and learn latest advances; to discuss their experiences, challenges in research; meet with the colleagues from around the world; and strike new collaborations. It is truly where Plant Biologist meets to understand the vital importance of plants for sustainable human existence, climate change, food security, preventive medicine, and ecosystem services. We have dealt with various compelling Plant Biology events and agriculture gatherings and develop incredible relations bringing the researchers and associations together.

Why to attend???

Plant Biology 2022 lay emphasis on its theme Novel Research and New Significant tool for Plant Science Research is an annual event that primarily focuses on plant breeding, its techniques and advances in them, to create a world with better food security in such a huge population. So, here top researchers, scholars, crop scientists, agronomists, professors, horticulturists, plant science academicians, soil sciences and forestry experts will meet at an international platform and find better ways to overcome the challenge of food insecurity, by amalgamation of their expertise in different plant biology related field. There will be different keynote and plenary lectures, oral and e- poster presentations, and different awards to the outs standing poster and presentation ans scientists will get name recognition at this two day event. It will provide a platform for an exchange of information on technological developments, new scientific innovations and the effectiveness of various regulatory programs towards Plant Biology-2022. It provides a premier technical forum for expressing and learning about the advanced research and developments, as well as for launching new applications, technologies and to explore new trends in the field of plant science.

Our final agenda will focus on the scientific sessions, plenary lectures, panel discussion, meetings pertaining to recent advancements and emerging methodologies which make our event a grand success.

Target audiences:

Directors and CEOs of research-based firms

Manufacturing Agricultural Device Companies.

Plant researchers.

Botanists and Pale botanist

R & D Companies.

Plant and agricultural Associations societies.

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Science.

Business entrepreneurs in Agriculture and Plant Science.

Horticulture and Landscaping.

Biochemists and Biotechnologists

Research students and PhD’s

Professors and HOD’s

Students of life sciences

New entrepreneurs and their researches

The Scientists associated with Plant Cellular Biology

Academicians associated with Cellular Biology and Plant Research

Looking forward to meet you

We invite you to join us in webinar to promote Plant Biology and Plant Breeding event!!!!!

sessions and tracks

1. Plant Biology

Plant Biology could be a branch of biology that deals with flowers and its development and Plant Biology covers wide selection of scientific aspects like natural object, plant growth, plant copy, plant metabolism, plant development, plant diseases, and plant chemical properties and plant biological process relationships.

2. Plant breeding

Plant breeding  is solely closing alteration and manipulation in composition of a plant to develop a  desired characteristic during a plant so as to reinforce its ability. A plant will be created resistance to forceful environmental stresses or to agent. It’s continually been Associate in Nursing arena of in depth analysis on maintain food property for increasing population. Plant breeders across the world have developed varied hybrid and  new styles of plant.

3. Plant genetics and genomics

Plant biology is that branch of science that specifically deals with study of genetic makeup, evolution to some extent and hereditary characters etc. phytologist is thought as “father of contemporary plant genetics” and genetics is essentially sequencing of order of a plant and to seek out out totally different marker, conserved, purposeful and non-functional genes. Advances in process biology recently have junction rectifier to revolution in Plant genetics.

4. Plant Biotechnology (Creating GMO's)

Plant biotechnology is solely manipulating genetic makeup of a plant so as to develop a mutant or altered selection that's purportedly to be a lot of helpful for human desires. it's been applied in creating nutrient made, gadfly and environmental stresses resistant crops. Either a brand new factor will be inserted or is inactivated to perform the required operate that it absolutely was targeted. Plant biotechnology advances have gotten the potential to beat food insecurity and deficiency disease altogether, low to medium financial gain countries too.

5. Plant microorganism interaction

Microbes square measure gift all over and thence in soil, air, water etc., for a plant that grows in soil, absorbs water from soil and survives in air, interacts with type of microbes. These interactions will be helpful or hostile too. several microbes type dependent relationship with plant roots and aid in growth and development like mycorhiza whereas some will cause infections and retards development or result productivity. The rhizosphere result explains plant microorganism interactions at the best.

6. Plant enzymes and synthesis

Plant enzymes square measure created from amino acids, acting varied specialized functions in plant metabolic activities and participate in growth and development. Totally different categories of plant enzymes embrace proteases, lipases, amylases, enzyme etc. They act as catalysts in metabolic reactions and thence biosynthesizing varied helpful merchandise. Plants turn out totally different therapeutic and daily want merchandise naturally.

7. Plant metabolism and chemo diversity

All the catabolic and anabolic reactions along constitutes metabolism of a cell. In plant cells, all reactions chemical and physiological compose metabolism of plant. Reactions like chemical action, respiration and breakdown of organic, non- organic compounds into easier molecules and every one pathways occurring during a cell for normal growth and development. Altogether these reactions, the chemo diversity of plant cells plays an important role. Presence of type of metabolites aids in carrying them out.

8. Plant biophysics and modeling

Plant natural philosophy is essentially Associate in Nursing knowledge domain science, bridging gaps between biology and physical quantities like light-weight energy, electricity, heat etc., and responses of biological entities (plant cells) to them. Modeling these sciences along can place forth a brand new arena of analysis and improved plant varieties to beat the problems of less productivity and raised population.

9. Plant organic chemistry

Biochemistry of plants essentially deals with the molecular mechanisms or pathways that square measure administered during a plant cell. It involves chemical action, respiration and alternative metabolic pathways. It deals with food formation, translocation from supply to sink, all comes underneath plant organic chemistry. All the essential metabolic pathways during a plant cell square measure based mostly upon interaction between biological and chemical molecules during a cell.

10. Plant tissue culture

Plant biology is that the study of molecular basis of flowers, genetic constituents of cells and their characteristics. The cryptography of proteins by specific genes for a selected operate and alteration of molecular mechanisms to develop a brand new increased selection. biology studies have the potential to bring revolutionary changes in agricultural sciences and to develop type of new hybrids, together with totally different aspects of biotechnology.

11. Plant physical property

Plant physical property is that the virtue by that a plant adept itself in Associate in Nursing adaptation to surpass or survive through a modified or unfavorable condition from time to time. A plant being immobile must trot out varied environmental conditions and to stay its physiology and morphology intact is that the key to survival. Plant physical property refers to any or all those changes that aid a plant’s survival. Plants can even show physical property to avoid wasting them from predators and totally different pests

12. Plant and soil science

The branch of science handling classification and characteristics (texture, ionic balance, fertility) is thought to be soil science. Plant growth and soil science square measure interlinked as quality of soil is directly proportional to plant turn out and synthesis of essential merchandise. The data of soil science could be a plenty for guaranteeing quality of plants adult.

13. Applied science in Plant biology

Nanotechnology could be a science that deals with nanomaterial and molecules in Nano vary. Bulk matter and its Nano particles have totally different characteristics; they need varied form, size, chemical and physical properties. Nanoparticles have massive surface to volume ratios, they're terribly target specific thanks to tiny size. recently plenty of researches square measure occurring, specially towards inexperienced synthesis of Nanoparticles by mistreatment plants. The amalgamations of natural therapeutic properties of plants have verified to reinforce standard properties several folds. For e.g.; neem tree Nano particles mistreatment Silver or tin metals

14. Husbandry sciences (Floriculture sciences)

Horticulture science is said to each the science additionally as aesthetics for growing flowers. Flowers are enjoying a major role in ecology and enhancing aesthetics for anywhere. Horticulturists area unit the specialists in husbandry sciences, the art of cultivating edible fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and decorative plants, augmenting their quality and promoting. There are a unit 3 areas in husbandry phytology, horticulture and decorative husbandry.

15. Weed and tormentor management (Integrated tormentor management management)

Weeds area unit outlined as unwanted plants that contend with crops and limit their growth; even tormentor hinders the event of plants thus each these factors become limiting for any plant. Weedicides and pesticides are in use to eliminate these threats, however anon they cause bioaccumulation and area unit fatal to any or all life forms. Natural or bio pesticides and weedicides are introduced to tackle issue of bioaccumulation. Bioaccumulation is that the accumulation of pesticides compounds in serial levels of organic phenomenon and isn't degraded naturally; metals like mercury, lead and different serious metals have established to be fatal to any or all organisms.

16.Agricultural Systems and Management

Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) prepares people to prepare and manage environmentally sound, technology-based businesses. The program's stress is on designing associate degreed directive an trade or business project with responsibility for results. ASM is predicated on associate degree understanding of however instrumentality and buildings area unit used with plants and animals and their product. These processes need associate degree understanding of the biological sciences to provide and maintain high product quality.

17. Smart Farming: From detector to AI

To survive during this world the occupation of farming plays a vital role because it provides most desires for personalities to measure during this world. however within the advancement of the technologies with the invention of the net of Things, Automation (Smarter technologies) is commutation the normal methodologies that in cause leading to wide selection improvement of the Fields. currently we have a tendency to area unit within the state of automation wherever the up gradation of sensibleer technologies is rising day by day in most sectors ranging from smart homes, waste management, vehicles, industries, Farming, health, grids, and so on. within the field of Farming, the advance with the implementation of Automation is additionally going down with the invention of the net of Things, AI, Machine Learning, etc.

18.Agricultural economic science, Policies and Rural Management

The Section “Agricultural economic science, Policies, and Rural Management" aims to publish stylish and knowledge domain analysis that advances understanding of problems and challenges within the loosely outlined areas of agricultural economic science, development policies, and rural management. The audience of this Section is world and also the Section welcomes articles from a various vary of theoretical views and method approaches that interact with and contribute to property agricultural and/or rural development. the main focus is on economic analysis and policies relevant for agricultural and/or rural sectors. Articles addressing up to date problems addressing agriculture and food economic science, development policies, ICT, agriculture, temperature change, property agriculture, productivity and potency, poorness and property livelihoods, rural–urban migration, and rural management area unit particularly welcome. The Section conjointly welcomes vital reviews and syntheses of current state of affairs in agricultural economic science, policies, and rural management.

19.Agricultural Water Management

The scope includes such numerous aspects as irrigation and evacuation of cultivated areas, assortment and storage of precipitation water in respect to soil properties and vegetation cover; the role of ground and surface water in nutrient athletics, water balance issues, exploitation and protection of water resources, management of flooding, erosion and desert creep, water quality and pollution each by, and of, agricultural water, effects of land uses on water resources, water for recreation in rural areas, and economic and legal aspects of water use. Basic soil-water-plant relationships are thought-about solely as so much as has relevancy to agricultural water management.

20.Agricultural Product Quality and Safety

The section “Agricultural Product Quality and Safety” welcomes original analysis and review articles that give novel insights into all topics associated with the composition, quality, safety, and security of agricultural manufacture and derived product (fresh-cut product, oil, wine, juices, etc.). The scope of submission includes all aspects of quality (chemistry, sensory, pathology, nutritionary, and health-promoting properties), postharvest operations (quality analysis, preservation, storage, packaging, industrial handling, trade, and distribution), and process.

21.Life Cycle Assessment of Agricultural and Agro-food System’s

The production and consumption of food is one in all the most important determinants of environmental degradation at the world scale. Likewise, individual dietary decisions verify serious impacts on human health, because of associate degree ever-growing demand for extremely processed foods, refined sugars, refined fats, oils, and meats.

Unless radical changes area unit enforced on the assembly and consumption sides, world trends of growth, inflated wealthiness, and dietary decisions area unit probably to worsen the impacts of food systems. The resource needs and emissions vary wide among foods, food production systems, and regions, so requiring assessment strategies that take into consideration such diversity.

22.Agricultural Soils

In agricultural soils, as long because the climate, soil sort and crop management practices area unit favorable for the event of a considerable soil fauna population, high soil fauna activity will cause the formation of a powerfully biogenic soil structure, dominated by excrements and channels.


Market analysis

Market Analysis

Plant Biology-2022 welcomes all the attendees, presenters, associations and exhibitors from all over the world to Tokyo, Japan. We are delighted to invite you all to attend the “ Plant Biology & Agricultural Sciences which is going to be held on April 04-05, 2022 Melbourne, Australia. The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including keynote presentations, plenary lectures, young research forum, symposia, and workshops on the key topics, poster presentations and various program for participants from all over the world. So, we extend our welcome to all participants of Plant Biology-2022 to share a wider vision and make this event a grand success.. We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne, Australia.

Importance and Scope:

Plant Biology 2022, has a great significance, as it will help to read between the lines for the need of food security in today's world. It will bring together scientists in field of plant breeding and related aspects to improve the present plant verities and to develop new enhanced varsities for ensuring food sustainability to this world. Academicians and researchers from other related fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, pathology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genomics will also join together to look for possible ways to incorporate their expertise with techniques of plant breeding for creating new enhanced breeds for a better nutrient content to overcome malnutrition in various developing and under developed countries.

Conference Highlights:

·         Plant Sciences

·         Plant Research

·         Plant Biochemistry

·         Plant Biotechnology

·         Plant Nanotechnology

·         Plant Pathology

·         Plant Anatomy and Morphology

·         Plant Hormones

·         Phytochemical Analysis

·         Plant metabolic engineering

·         Plant nutrition and soil science

·         Plant Tissue Culture

·         Plant Genetics and Genomics

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date April 04-05, 2022

For Sponsors & Exhibitors

[email protected]

Speaker Opportunity

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