Smart Farming: From Sensor to Artificial Intelligence

To survive in this world the occupation of farming plays an important role as it provides maximum needs for human beings to live in this world. But in the advancement of the technologies with the invention of the Internet of Things, Automation (Smarter technologies) is replacing the traditional methodologies which in cause resulting in wide range improvement of the Fields. Now we are in the state of automation where the up gradation of smarter technologies is improving day by day in maximum sectors starting from smart homes, waste management, vehicles, industries, Farming, health, grids, and so on. In the field of Farming, the improvement with the implementation of Automation is also taking place with the invention of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. Applications related to precision agriculture and technologies related to farm management and robotic automation etc. will benefit the environment a lot and will increase the overall efficiency. This system measures a number of different physical parameters to help in decision making like type of soil, irrigated, or non-irrigated land using IOT with the help of sensors. The data collected from the sensors will be monitored and further, the farmers will be able to know which crop is in demand, the availability of fertilizers and insecticides for that crop, climatic conditions using AI. Further, using IoT our system will provide automated maintenance of humidity/water level and automated maintenance of the fertility of the soil.

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